About Trendbreakers

Companies must offer benefits to stay competitive in the labor market, but costs keep rising and most business leaders don’t understand how the benefits system is stacked against them.

Incentives, bonuses, and commissions fuel broker recommendations, and so unless company leadership is informed and prepared, they will likely get a plan that is not in their best interest.

But there are challenges to
becoming informed:

Best practices are siloed

CFOs, CHROs, and business owners generally don’t talk to one another. Innovative plans (and plans to avoid) aren’t shared

It’s an annual problem

Renewals happen once per year, so it doesn’t get a lot of attention–even though the wrong plan can torpedo a company budget.

Few brokers, CFOs, or CHROs know any better

The deck is stacked against businesses, but there are workable solutions almost anybody can use. But most business leaders—and even brokers—aren’t aware of them

My name is Steve Watson

…and I’m a CFO, a licensed CHRO, and a licensed benefits broker. I’ve helped my company enjoy over $500,000 per
year of benefits savings, out-of-pocket costs that are 20% lower for my employees than they were 9-yrs ago—with the
same or better benefits.

How did I crack the benefits nut and get to this point?

The Budget-Breaking
Million Dollar Claim

A few years ago my employer had a claim that was over a million dollars.

When our broker called saying our premiums would increase 30%, amounting to hundreds-of-thousands of dollars we didn’t have, I began looking at our benefits more closely.

I also discovered that our broker would receive a 30% higher commission once our rates increased.

Uncovering the Real

I needed to understand what I was dealing with regarding benefits, so I took action:

  • I became a licensed broker
  • I spoke with brokers all over the country to find out how they operate
  • I identified best-practices and built a network of brokers who are working against the broken system
  • I spoke with other CFOs and CHROs to see how their companies were doing
  • I worked with our broker to create a plan that was set up in our favor that’s allowed us to slash our benefits costs

After all this, I realized that the system is rigged against employers, and I knew I needed to do something about it.

That’s When I Started

Trendbreakers allows me to pull back the curtain and arm CFOs, CHROs, and business owners with the knowledge and proven strategies that can make employee benefits work for them–as it has for my company.

How I Can Help You

If you don’t want to head into your next renewal alone, there are three ways I can help you.

Coaching. One-on-one guidance through the renewal process. I can help you vet brokers, come up with creative solutions to your benefits challenges, and help you make the best decisions for you and your company’s benefits strategy.

Cohort Coaching. If you’d like to tackle your benefits with other like-minded business leaders, this option could be a great fit. Safe and discrete, cohort coaching gives you the value of multiple perspectives, experiences, and approaches to benefits that can reduce your costs and enhance your benefits.

Membership. If you’d rather go at your own pace, you’ll enjoy monthly training, group calls, and unlimited text coaching to help you over the inevitable stumbling blocks as you change how you approach your company’s benefits.

Speaking. As a speaker, I am here to teach you how to save crazy amounts of money, how to connect with others, and what to do when you have your eyes set on the C Suite.

Of course, I can’t guarantee that your results will equal my 20% reduction from 2010 rates, or our $500k in annual savings, but I can guarantee innovative ideas and best practices that can level the playing field and set you on the path for future reduced renewals.

Click the option that best suits you below to learn more about how I can help you lower your benefits costs.

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