I know I have.

And I’ve been buying cars for decades.

Even though I know what I like (and generally what I’m looking for) I always feel more comfortable when I run my purchase ideas by my friend first.

I like to talk it through because he is a CAR GUY.

He’s not a car salesman but Kelley Blue Book could probably save a bunch of time and effort writing their next edition if they just spent an afternoon with him and let him talk about cars.

Chances are if you are lucky enough to have a friend, or brother, or aunt who KNOWS cars you probably ask them to come with you to the car lot or at least send them a quick text before you buy to get their input before you exchange your hard earned money for the vehicle.

You want them to validate that car you are considering and get them to give you a thumbs up (or a thumbs down) BEFORE that car becomes your favorite ride (or biggest headache).

Having someone to validate your insurance plans BEFORE you purchase is a lot like having someone validate that car purchase.

You know what your business usually purchases.

You generally know what you want.

Most importantly, you know there *might* be something hiding under the hood that an experienced professional could see straight away that the untrained eye might have missed.

Think about it. Used Car Salesmen sometimes get a bad reputation because they sell cars that are not perfect. But if the disclosures are there and there was nothing hidden did that salesperson do a bad job?

No, he or she will assume that providing details in writing about exactly what you were getting would be sufficient to put you on notice.

Similarly, does your insurance plan have everything spelled out?

By law, yes: disclosures are there in writing for you to review.

But if you don’t know what you are looking for, or the IMPACT of those words on your policy (and price) it really doesn’t do you much good.

Benefit renewals are just around the corner.

And with the way the world is right now we are not in a time where we can do a full blown two month RFP Process.

The table is set for unscrupulous insurance companies to put in a blanket rate increase knowing that the businesses are stretched thin and probably won’t push back against an increase that doesn’t feel “too bad.”

However, it is super important to me that unwitting businesses that are maxed out with pandemic precautions do not simply accept price increases because they are running on fumes and don’t have the expertise to fully understand what they are looking at.

You run buying decisions by people who KNOW CARS before you buy a car.

Run your policy by someone who KNOWS INSURANCE before you blindly accept a rate increase during these unprecedented times.

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