The Trendbreakers concept actually started back in the fall of 2010 and I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember as a brand new CFO feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, angry and frankly lost. I had met with our insurance broker earlier that day and he had told me that we were getting a 30% rate increase for our employee benefits for the next year…30%!

I remember thinking, wait …what?

How was I going to tell all of the employees that they were going to have to pay an extra $200 for the same insurance that we already had? They were families like mine that had a diverse set of healthcare needs. In addition, as the CFO, my responsibility was also to figure out how we, as a company, were going to pay our share, which was hundreds of thousands of dollars for this insurance policy.

I just thought there had to be a better way.

I knew how to negotiate almost every product/service within my company, but unfortunately, nobody had taught me how health insurance worked. And so I vowed that day to, to figure it out. For the next 10 years, every year I did renewals. I was talking with as many people as I could. I was meeting with experts from around the country.

In addition to talking with experts, I pursued my, my own learning. I went and got my CPA. I also dove into HR and got licensed in HR (SHRM-SCP) to be able to understand this problem from various angles.

What I’ve found over the last 10 years as I pieced everything together was that there were key concepts, that if you did as an employer, it could drastically lower the cost of your health insurance policy without impacting employees at all.

And so I’ve gathered these things into what I call the TrendBreakers Formula, which is four areas that if you as an employer work on them, you will see that plan costs drop dramatically.

How do I know? Because that’s what happened to me and that’s what’s happened to the business owners I’ve had the privilege to work with. That’s why I developed TrendBreakers.

Now I want to give back to you. I don’t want you to feel like I felt like in 2010. You might already do; you probably had those increases like I’ve had, maybe not as big, but you’ve felt it. You know what it’s like to tell your employees yet again that the health insurance rates are going up. In addition, you’ve probably had projects that you had to put on hold so that you could afford health insurance increases.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

So in 2020, I’ve started a closed community where we can share ideas between employers. I want you to know everything that I know and I want you to replicate everything that I’ve done. Why? Because it works.

My health insurance costs in my company are down 20% from where they were from 9 years ago and we have coverage that is just as good (if not better).

I want to give you the confidence that you can push back on the system and demand something better. I want you to know that there are many options out there that you probably haven’t heard of because it wasn’t in your broker’s best financial interest to show you. I want your employees to actually be excited about their health insurance and see it as an employee benefit (not a cost).

Join me by connecting with me on Linkedin. I will give you the tools and information you need to better equip yourself to make a sound decision for your company.

***Disclaimer: I am not a broker. I don’t sell insurance. I’m an educator and a connector to great ideas***

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