There are four components we always consider in our efforts to stop the trend of rising costs for health benefits:

  • People
  • Partners
  • Plan
  • Products
    Adjust just one of these components and you could create savings for your company.

But if you really want to optimize your benefits and enjoy the biggest value it’s important to calibrate each component to best fit your company’s needs.

Today we’re going to unpack the first component, people.

Let’s take a look at the three important groups of people in every company that bring their distinct perspective and needs to the benefits conversation.


The primary reason that we have benefits is to make sure that our company can recruit and retain incredible employees. It’s imperative that there’s buy in from the employees that they like the plans that they’re on, that they’re able to use their benefits and that the plans we provide are truly a BENEFIT to them.

Human Resources

HR is responsible for recruiting and retaining, and they’re a part of the administrative side which makes sure it all works. Our HR professionals are the oil in the machine; they have to work on enrollments and eligibility files. They make sure that all the plan components are connected and that your employees get their cards and can actually use their benefits. Understanding the impact of your benefits to the people in your organization responsible for their accurate implementation is critical.

Finance Team

There’s a saying that floats around our industry that no employee really wants a plan just built by finance because it would just be the cheapest plan around. But the Finance Team plays a vital role in this conversation because they have to determine how benefits fit into the overall strategy of the company. By definition, benefits will come with cost. The Finance Team must balance that cost to find true value where it works within the financial parameters to grow the company responsibly.

People are the first component and primary consideration for every discussion about benefits.

We believe that companies ought to always remember these three perspectives as they look to optimize their benefits spend and fight the rising trend of increasing benefits costs.

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